If you are a Singaporean or Malaysian working in Singapore, this is for you.
Why you always hear that Malaysia property is bad for investment

5 Reason why most Singaporean losing money buying property in Malaysia

How to avoid buying bad properties that will lose money and dont be like 99% of Singaporean investors who all lost money buying Malaysia properties.
This is why most Singaporean losing money buying property in Malaysia

Because They AreSHEEP

What is SHEEP?

Avoid SHEEP Mindset, What Should You Do?
Benefits for Singaporeans Buying Malaysia Properties

What will you get from this LIVE Program?
Meet The Speaker : Faizul Ridzuan
Appointed as one of the Panels of Experts and Strategic Collaborative Partner under HOPE program by Ministry of Housing Malaysia
This is the feedback from past attendees

Faizul Ridzuan's sharing property investment is truly the real deal. With no fluff, without any upsell. I've learned so much from his expertise, Highly recommend!


FR and team provide all data and answers all Q&A during the session. Me and my partner have been struggling to find property in JB, glad to found him

Financial Advisor
This is not a preview, you will get all of the answer above. If it fails to answer you, I'm gonna give you full refund.
Ask live to Faizul Ridzuan about the property that you want or wish to buy in Malaysia wether that property is a good property or a 'SHEEP' property. 
25 November 2023 | 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm | 11A Hamilton Rd, Singapore