Lets meet up close & personal with Faizul Ridzuan And Rena Choong to learn more about

  • #BEATTHELOCALS : Buy cheaper than most Malaysian today!
  • Use Malaysia properties to fund your HDB down-payment in Singapore. The artbitrage!
  • How to invest and buy safe properties in Malaysia? Avoid being a SHEEP
  • Ensure you dont have currency depreciation risks
  • How to buy properties in Malaysia with an unfair advantage
  • Buy properties that you can easily walk away from if they are not profitable - a risk-free approach.
  • Legally own an HDB in Singapore and property in Malaysia. Have the best of both worlds.
  • Buy properties below their replacement costs.
  • Obtain a 100% loan for your property purchase.
  • Build a rewarding retirement portfolio of RM20,000 monthly in Malaysia.
28th October 2023
10 Anson Road #31-06, International Plaza Singapore
2.00pm - 4.00pm