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Property Deal 1
Starts from only RM480,000
  • Nearby MRT and a mall

  • Completed property

  • Commission earner, foreign income, and business owner friendly

Property Deal 2
Property Price Below RM290K
  • Positive cash flow in the range of RM300 - RM900 excludes principle for the worst and best case scenario
  • RM300 positive cashflow at best case scenario with up to RM120K cashback

  • Up to RM70K cashback with RM500 positive cashflow at the best-case scenario

Property Deal 3
Below RM400,000 In Dutamas Or Mont Kiara
  • RM120,000 cheaper.

  • Lowest price below RM400,000 per unit

  • Most two-bedroom units in this area are selling at an average of RM750,000, so we are purchasing at nearly a 50% discount. This is even cheaper than an auction!

Half price below market value

zero downpayment

6-Figure Cashback

not RM1,000/Sqft but RM350/Sqft only

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Fang Yung Soon
William bought 2 properties that comes with RM300,000 cashback at the age of 23. One of the properties that he bought was located in Johor Bharu, and that property got fully tenanted with monthly rental RM3,000 after completed.
 one of our clients wants to buy property in Johor because of the high demand
Our clients able to buy property with less capital, and get positive cashflow
He owns a house without using his own money to pay rent and any bills. Plus, he even gets a positive cash flow.
The property regular rental at that area was RM2,200.
Using unfair advantage, our client get monthly gross rental of RM3,850
Kartini bought property with 4 rooms. Her unit get fully tenanted eventhough renovation is not even completed
Leen Nazri unit fully tenanted after 90% renovation complete. She can't even stay a night in her own properties :P
Fariz Rizal unit fully rented out after one month renovation completed. His now getting RM1,000 postitive cashflow even after deducting monthly mortgage installment
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