The ultimate blueprint Rental Strategy

How do we make sure the properties we buy continuosly have tenants

Most of the time people make mistake in buying property mainly because of two reason.

They Bought A Wrong Property At The Wrong Price
The Bought The Right Property But At The Wrong Price
They Bought The Right Property, At The Right Price But Do Not Know How To Maximize The Property Rental Values (Dont know what to do with the property after you buy them)
This is one of our client, at age of 23, she bought 1 property that is previously bleeding with RM800.00, eventhough the property that she bought is the right property and at the right price.

After becoming a client, her property now
 went to RM1,000 positive cash flow after implementing FAR Capital rental strategy knowledge.
To not lose money, you only have to do this 3 things well - The 3 R
Right price
Buy at the lowest prices as possible
Right property
Buy property with multiple rental options
Right rental demand
Buy property with multiple rental segments
Don't believe us? , look at the client's case study below 


Here is what happen when you follow these guideline

Meet our client, Ezakia, Fariz Rizal,Leen Nazri & Kartini
The property regular rental at that area was RM2,200.
Using unfair advantage rental strategy, our client get monthly gross rental of RM3,850
Kartini bought property with 4 rooms. Her unit get fully tenanted eventhough renovation is not even completed
Leen Nazri unit fully tenanted after 90% renovation complete. She can't even stay a night in her own property :P
Fariz Rizal unit fully rented out after one month renovation completed.
His now getting RM1,000 postitive cashflow even after deducting monthly mortgage installment

The reason why Ezakia, Fariz Rizal, Leen Nazri & Kartini gets positive cashflow is because they have these 3 Secrets

Multiple Rental Options

Multiple Rental Segments

Multiple Operators

Want to learn how Ezakia, Fariz Rizal, Leen Nazri & Kartini did it?

Multiple Rental Options

How many rental strategy you have for your properties?

Full House Unit Rental

Renting out an entire house or apartment to one tenant or group, giving them exclusive access to all rooms and amenities

Per Room Rental

Renting out separate rooms in a property instead of the whole space, with tenants sharing common areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Per Head Rental

Each person pays rent, regardless of rooms or property size.

Short-Term Rental

Renting a house for a brief period, typically less 6 months

Mid-Term Rental

Renting a house for a brief period, typically less than a year

Long-Term Rental

These rentals are common for individuals or families looking for a more permanent housing solution

Short-Stay Rental (AirBnb)

This type of rental is usually 1-7days rental and offers travelers a unique and often more affordable alternative to traditional hotels

Co-Living Rental

Each tenant typically has their own private bedroom but shares common areas like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Co-living arrangements often include shared amenities and may offer additional services such as cleaning or social activities.

A good property must have minimum 3 viable rental options

If your property has only one rental options, it's a risky purchase

A good property must have 3 viable rental options that can cover minimum 70% of installments 

The property must have a viable plan a , plan b, plan c

That means, if rental strategy A doesnt work, you have plan B and plan C as a next options
Pro tips :
  buy a property that is for holiday home or any property that is using only AirBnb or daily rental to get positive cashflow

Multiple Rental Segments

How many rental segment you have for your properties?

Professional Worker







Multiple Age Segments

A good property must have minimum 4 rental segment

the more rental segment you have, the higher number of prospect available for your property

Multiple Operators

The more operators you have, the better and the more options you are going to get 


Rental Management

Homestay Operator (AirBnb)

You will get cheaper renovation, competitive rental management and homestay operator rates, and you get to fully outsource all the painful property management related task

That's it!

We have shared with you a guideline on how to make sure the properties that you buy continuosly have tenants, so you can enjoy the OPM strategy

Here are the Summary:

Multiple Rental Options

Multiple Rental Segments

Multiple Operators

So, Whats Next? If you ready to take action
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