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Since 2014, FAR Capital has guided over 20,000 clients through their property investment journey
More than 20,000 clients chose FAR Capital for their financial journey

Irfan Rahman

"People think that FAR Capital is all about buying and investing property. It's not. It's also about stabilizing your financial state."


Sales Executive
"Far Capital has taught me how to effectively manage my properties in JB while I work in KL."

Kartini Kassim

"Fully paid off a car loan and my father's debts that my father could’ve saved RM2000 monthly."

How did Dr.Irfan, Dr.Syed, Dr. Kartini get to achieve this financial freedom ? Because of these 5 Unfair Advantages!

"What will I get if i become a FAR Capital Client?"
With our guide, you will be on your way to achieving the following results in the next 36 months (Pick one of these goal)

More Savings

You will get to earn and save a minimum of 5 figures even after you buy a property with little to no money down.

More Properties

You will learn how to identify and purchase properties with discounted prices to build your financial portfolio.

Better Cashflow

You will generate a steady stream of rental income every month from the properties that you buy.
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FAR Capital Lite Client

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