In this webinar, we will share with you what are the unfair advantages that will allow you to reduce your monthly house instalment from RM4,000 per month to RM800 per month, even if you are staying in an elite area, get other people to pay for your own property and make positive cash flow even in economic crisis

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If you are facing any of the above, it simply means that you are just like 99% of the people. You are running in a rat race - wake up, go to work, get a salary, pay off loans etc.

Will having unfair advantages change your life? Yes, it definitely will.

What are the unfair advantages?

The unfair advantages will make you be as successful as them

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Why you should attend this session?

We have shared knowledge with over 100,000 participants from 2020 for free

We are on a mission to enable people to buy properties easily and to increase their financial status

Helping more than 15,000 FAR Capital clients

Our clients come from various backgrounds and financial challenges. With our team of experts, we help them to reduce their monthly bank commitments and to generate more income using their properties.

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FAR Capital
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FAR Capital

I did not come from a T20 family, started young in property investment with a capital of RM2000

16 years ago, I started investing in properties with only a capital of RM2,000.

Yes, I was young just like you and I did not come from a T20 family. I have suffered the loss from bad property investments, and I have also gained massive returns from property investments. 

Since then, I have invested in over 60 properties to date. All of these are documented in my bestselling book, WTF? 23 Properties by 30’.

I have shared knowledge with participants in programs such as Sanjana Hartanah, Millionaire Employee Blueprint, Faizul Ridzuan Private Group, Value Investing in Properties, and Road To 3 Million.

Appointed as one of the Panels of Experts and Strategic Collaborative Partner under HOPE program by Ministry of Housing Malaysia

I have shared knowledge in various real estate classes organized with leading developers, such as Sunway, UEM, Mah Sing, Eco World, SP Setia, and IJM Land.

I was also invited to share my real estate investment experiences and tips such as TV3, TV1, Astro Awani, New Straits Times, The Star, The Edge, Nanyang Siang Pau, Focus Malaysia, Berita Harian, Property Insights, and BFM radio.

Tired of losing and paying full price on everything? Join us to get the above unfair advantage.

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Don't lose the opportunity and take this chance to learn this, especially for those of you who already own property right now​


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