Did you know that for just an additional RM70 you can get these

1-on-1 Package

Supercharge Your Journey

Get tailored, actionable plan for the next 3 - 4 months.

Know What To Buy

Gain exclusive insight on the specific property you should buy.

Limited Time Offer

Special discount from initial price of RM1699 (RM1,000 per 1-on-1 session+ RM700 per Digital Product)

Increase probability of you to either Increase Saving, Reduce Debt or Buy Property without Capital


of people who had a 1-on-1 session have successfully bought their first property


of people who had a 1-on-1 session have achieved their goals


of people who had 1-on-1 session have more confidence to take the next step

Our Clients managed to get the plans to Achieve their Goals

“…it gives you deals that makes sense.”

FAR Capital not only get you the best deals, it gives you deals that makes sense.
Give FAR Cap a try, it may just be the best decision of your life.
Ronnie / Poh Ghim

“…I can see their life changes.”

I want to share what I get here so they can be a real man who give values to others. When I share the knowledge to others, I can see their life changes - their wife and kids are more grateful to them.
Dr. Irfan Rahman

“I have increased my income more than 50%”

What I learned is that how do I match up my skills to the industry. Now I have increased my income more than 50% - starting at RM3.5K to RM7K+ now.
Amirah Syazwani

“FAR Capital is an end-to-end ecosystem.”

For me FAR Cap is an end-to-end ecosystem. You can beautify, you can correct, you can restore your financial health in a legal way.
Ganesher Pillai

“I find that Faizul’s method is the best”

I’ve met a lot of sifus, but I compared their methods and I find that Faizul’s method is the best. Because in this world I only believe in two things, facts and figures.

“They provide from A to Z guidance”

Faizul and the team provide from A to Z guidance from how to buy, what to buy, how you manage and how to make your property as your passive income.
Zhi Yang
Your Success Story Starts Here with FAR Capital.
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