FARNIVAL 2023 (Special For Clients): Be The One

Farnival 2023 Be The One
Event Date: 09/09/2023
Faizul Ridzuan & the keynote speaker, Mr Terry Goh
Faizul Ridzuan & the keynote speaker, Mr Terry Goh

For the first time after such a long time we haven’t had a physical event, FAR Capital has decided to organise the largest property talk in Malaysia with the theme FARNIVAL: Be The One.

So, through this article, you will have a glimpse into the background of FARNIVAL, what are the key highlights, keynote speeches, sharing of successful stories and more.

This article will help you understand what activities we have held for the clients and what impacts they have on them.

A Glimpse of FARNIVAL: Be The One

On September 2023, we held our first ‘Farnival’ with the theme ‘Be The One’ in Nilai.

The event provided our clients with opportunities to connect with the FAR Capital team in person to experience face-to-face consultations, financial assessments, insights into loan eligibility, debt consolidation strategies and information on booking the latest property projects.

Faizul Ridzuan explained who is The One
Faizul Ridzuan explained who is The One

We also featured a captivating lineup of educational talks and updates, shedding light on FAR Capital’s recent ventures and those of our subsidiary companies.

The highlight of the day was a talk from Terry Goh, CEO of Kyochon Malaysia, who shared his incredible journey from being a VP at Nestlé to becoming a successful entrepreneur owning 36 Kyochon restaurants in Malaysia.

Our founders Faizul and Amanda among others shared their insights, tips and motivation, empowering our clients to become “The One” to lead their families’ financial and property investment journey.

Client FAR Capital at Farnival
Client FAR Capital who manage to book a property at Farnival
Those who attended Farnival
Photo of clients from FARNIVAL

Event Highlights

1. Private consultation with our team

At ‘Farnival,’ we provide straightforward, personalized advice to ensure they can begin their first step to being “The One”. Engaging face-to-face conversations with the FAR Capital team, each specializing in different areas – from debt consolidation, mortgage team and more.

Personal consultation with FAR Capital’s team
Personal consultation with FAR Capital’s team

For those who sought advice from our mortgage team, we briefed them strategic plan to ensure their loan would be approved. In a simpler term is, to make them from ‘unbankable’ to bankable’.

We shared insights on the essential documents to present to the bank and what they should look into to ensure they will not reject their application. Moreover, we provided valuable dos and don’ts to ensure a smooth approval process.

Client got to ask the team for their planning in property investment
Personal consultation with FAR Capital’s team

Well, shifting our focus to debt consolidation, a common query from clients was how to enhance their loan eligibility to ensure they can buy their dream property or achieve their financial aspirations.

For those who have the same concern as above, there are a few things you could do to increase your loan eligibility such as refinance, increase your income, settle all your bad debts or you could buy a property with cashback.

Our objective for personal consultation is to provide instant, personalized solutions, aligning each individual with their financial goal.

2. Keynote Speaker: Sharing from Terry Goh – Is quitting your job a gamble? Lessons from building KyoChon from zero to RM100 Million Company

Keynote speaker: Mr Terry Goh
Keynote speaker: Mr Terry Goh

Terry Goh’s journey from being a Vice President at Nestlé to starting Kyochon in Malaysia in 1991 is an incredible success story. Beginning his career in Australia, first in auditing and later in the FMCG industry, he spent almost ten years at Nestlé, working his way up until he became Vice President in Nestlé Philippines.

Faizul Ridzuan & Terry Goh
Faizul Ridzuan & Terry Goh

In 2013, Terry decided to leave his corporate job, using his entire pension of about 1.5 million to start his own business. He introduced South Korea’s famous fried chicken brand to Malaysia.

Building Kyochon from scratch in a new market required smart marketing strategies and an understanding of what locals liked. So, he invested in big marketing campaigns, like inviting Super Junior and Lee Min Ho, even though it cost a lot, about 500 USD.

Today, with 36 restaurants in strategic locations, Terry has not only made a big impact but also valued the brand at RM100 million.

When Faizul asked him if he regretted starting a business, Terry said:

“I had a great life as an expatriate for ten years—working in 16 countries, travelling business class, and staying in fancy hotels. Career-wise, it was great.

However, in the early years of my business, I lost money because I spent a lot on marketing and didn’t pay myself much. I worked hard, often until 1.00 am.

Even though I wanted to take the business public, COVID-19 made things tough. We had to close all our stores and keep paying a monthly rent of about 1.2 million. But I made sure my staff got paid first, even though many other businesses were closing down. We managed to survive by switching to delivery during the pandemic.

I always put my staff first—they get paid first, and I get paid last. That’s what running a business is all about—taking care of your people.”

3. Sharing from Syahir Bakar: From an engineer to leading the RumaValet Group of Companies.

Raised by a single mom with four siblings, he now manages an impressive eight-million-dollar property portfolio.

Before becoming the Head of Projects at FAR Capital, he was an engineer at Schlumberger. In 2015, he began his journey with FAR Capital, starting with two properties. His smart moves quickly boosted him within the company. From a client, he became a leader at FAR Capital. He played a key role in projects and significantly contributed to the company’s growth.

Today, he leads the RumaValet Group of Companies. Syahir Bakar’s journey teaches us about resilience and hard work. From a challenging start to becoming a key player in real estate, his story inspires us to chase our dreams with determination.

4. Dr Irfan Rahman: Became a property expert with 24 properties as of today

Dr Irfan Rahman, Syahir Bakar & Faizul Ridzuan
Dr Irfan Rahman, Syahir Bakar & Faizul Ridzuan

Dr. Irfan’s journey with FAR Capital shows how he grew and expanded his business. Dr. Irfan is not just a doctor; he’s also an entrepreneur who manages four companies. Back in 2015, he started with only three properties, but now he owns an impressive 24 properties.

He likes to share his experiences on social media, inspiring others to try investing in properties too. He proves that with passion and smart choices, you can do well in both your job and your business.

These are all the stories of The One. From ‘nobody’, they became a ‘somebody’ today. They make a bold decision, change their fate and become an ‘overnight’ success.

Faizul Ridzuan also shared a bit about his journey, and how he transformed his life from B40 to someone who has built his net worth to 9 figures before 40.

5. The Founder’s Story of FAR Capital: From B40 to The One

Faizul Ridzuan grew up in a modest family. He used to work as a software engineer, making around RM2000 a month. But after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, he decided he wanted to be an investor and start his own business.

He learned about different ways to invest, like in stocks, property, and businesses. He found that property was the only thing he could buy without having a lot of money upfront. All he needed to do was get a loan and find someone to rent the property. Then, the rent money would cover the costs for 30-35 years. It seemed like the best choice for him at the time.

Faizul Ridzuan's speech about The One
Faizul Ridzuan’s speech about The One

Faizul talked to people who owned 3-10 properties to learn from them. Even though he didn’t have much money, he focused on property because it didn’t need a big investment upfront.

He bought his first property without any money in hand. He used his RM2500 salary, and RM2000 savings, and borrowed some money from his girlfriend. He even paid part of the down payment with a credit card. It was risky, especially when the seller got sick, but he managed to buy the property.

Before the deal was done, he rented out the property and made some money. He didn’t have to pay anything for his first property and even got RM30,000 cash back. It was a big win for him.

With that money, he bought another property in Pudu. Some people made fun of him for it, saying it wasn’t a good investment. But he knew it was a good deal because it was in a great location, close to popular places like Sungei Wang. He made RM3000 a month from it.

Faizul Ridzuan have a chit-chat with clients
Faizul Ridzuan have a chit-chat with clients

From just one property, he made over RM1000 a month in profit. Half of his income came from that property, even though people said it wasn’t worth it. Seeing he could make a lot of money out of it, then, he started buying more properties.

His goal was to make RM8000 a month so he could quit his job. He truly believed that property was the best way to build wealth without needing a lot of money upfront. He always tells people that knowing more about what you’re doing lowers the risks and the money you need. But if you don’t know much, you might need a lot more money and take bigger risks.

What we can learn from him is that, even though he started as a B40, he succeeded in making his first RM1 Million before 30. He made his first RM5 Million before 30 and now he has built his net worth to 9 figures before 40. And that’s what “The One’ is. The person who changes the fate of their family.

Photo of Faizul Ridzuan with one of the clients
Photo of Faizul Ridzuan with one of the clients

6. Wetopia updates & rental strategy

Wetopia Asia also known as Wetopia Co-Living was established in 2020 to bring a new co-living environment for Malaysians who are seeking a unique renting experience.

The company offers not only a new co-living experience but also an affordable and best place to stay within Klang Valley & Johor Bahru. This year, Wetopia is in its fourth year of operation. Thus, during FARNIVAL, Amanda shared the rental strategies and a few updates regarding Wetopia.

Sharing about rental strategy
Sharing from Amanda about rental strategy

Wetopia Updates

For 18 months ago, back in March 2022, these are the numbers:

  • Move-in per month: 53
  • Rooms: 828
  • Active tenants: 437
  • Occupancy Rate: 53%

But as for TODAY, Wetopia has made a huge success and the occupancy rate keeps increasing.

  • Move-in per month: 233
  • Rooms: 2,604
  • Active tenants: 2,032
  • Occupancy Rate: 78%

These numbers indicate the hard work of Wetopia team in providing the best room rental service for those who are looking for a comfortable but affordable renting experience.

In A Nutshell

All in all, everyone enjoyed their day and moment during FARNIVAL and Faizul said,

“This event marks our return to physical events after an extended period of digital interaction through online consultations and webinars, especially during the pandemic and we were thrilled to extend our gratitude personally to our clients for their support”.

Photos of Faizul Ridzuan and FAR Capital’s client
Photos of Faizul Ridzuan and FAR Capital’s client

The main agenda of the event is a huge event to connect with FAR Capital's client as we always doing things online. Clients get to see Faizul Ridzuan, the CEO of FAR Capital and the whole team behind FAR Capital from marketing, customer service, technical, mortgage, screening, debt consolidation, project, research and etc. Apart from that, they can ask questions, get consultation and personal advice on their property investment planning.

Not quite prepared yet?

Check out our free resources to get a head start on improving your financial well-being before your next step.

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