Johor property is booming! - this is ultimate guide for you to look for undervalued property in Johor

Johor's Fast Growth: Is it Time to Invest in Johor Property?

Why now is the best time to grab a property in Johor?

See the news with the high demand in the current property market in Johor.
  • RTS link that connects Bukit Chagar-Woodlands (completed by end of 2026)
  • High-Speed Rail between Kuala Lumpur- Singapore
Both public transportation systems has already proven to be a significant driving force for the growth of the property market in Johor.
Still not convinced on why you should buy Johor Properties?
Not sure which property to buy?
Fear of negative cashflow?
But fear not – we're here to simplify the process for you, on how you can learn, make no mistake and find good properties at minimun 20% below market value, and getting all the way over 50% discount!
The reason why you need to buy good properties with good discounts, is so that you can make money when you buy these properties.
How do you make money when you buy the right properties :
  • When you buy at low prices, you use less to zero capital to buy these properties.
  • Low property prices, mean low mortgage or monthly instalment. Its easier to get positive cashflow when you buy at low prices.
  • And the right properties, is much easier to rent. Good properties normally can be rented in less than 30 days.
Dont believe us? Look at the client's case study below!!!!


Here is what happen when you follow these guideline

Meet our client, William
William bought 2 properties that comes with RM300,000 cashback at the age of 23. One of the properties that he bought was located in Johor Bharu, and that property got fully tenanted with monthly rental RM3,000 after completed.
Also, one of our clients wants to buy property in Johor because of the high demand
Meet our client, Ismail, Ezakia, Fariz Rizal,Leen Nazri & Kartini
He owns a house without using his own money to pay rent and any bills. Plus, he even gets a positive cash flow.
The property regular rental at that area was RM2,200.
Using unfair advantage, our client get monthly gross rental of RM3,850
Kartini bought property with 4 rooms. Her unit get fully tenanted eventhough renovation is not even completed
Leen Nazri unit fully tenanted after 90% renovation complete. She can't even stay a night in her own properties :P
Fariz Rizal unit fully rented out after one month renovation completed. His now getting RM1,000 postitive cashflow even after deducting monthly mortgage installment

The reason why William, Ezakia, Fariz Rizal,Leen Nazri & Kartini manage to buy property that is 20% more than below market is because they understand the 4 secrets below.

How do we buy below market value deals at discounted prices!

Understand the 50 - 50 Rule

Understand the criterias that allows you to find good properties at the right prices! 

Ensuring your properties always have tenants!

Want to learn how Ezakia, Fariz Rizal, Leen Nazri & Kartini did it?

How do we buy property at 20% - 40% discount

Ilustration above show how public buy properties. When we buy properties in bulk, we will have deals advantage.
The larger we become, the better deals we all get!

Whats our current property deals in Johor?

Look at the property deals that we have as of today, these price advantage
you wont find anywhere else
Property Deal 1
Up To RM161,000 Cashback
  • Nearby 2nd link CIQ and a mall

  • Completed property

  •  potential up to RM2500 +ve cashflow at best case scenario after taking

  • Starts from only RM480,000

Property Deal 2
Up to RM185K cashback
  • RM700 positive cashflow at best case scenario 

  • Suitable for Foreign Income Earner, Maximizing Portfolio, Strategic Investor

  • At least 20% cheaper than area median & buying below replacement cost

Property Deal 3
Below RM400,000 In Johor Bahru
  • 10%-20% below market value

  • Best price of high spec seaview freehold service apartment in Johor

  • Near Mall & 2nd Link CIQ

With unfair advantage you can buy property without using any capital.

Here is what will you get when you have 'Unfair Advantage' when you buy properties :
You can buy cheaper than most people
You can buy without using capital, and even furnishing and renovation cost is FREE
You can buy at minimum 20% discount and buy at really below market values
You can buy better and safer property than most people
Better cashflow since you buy at lower prices, and able to rent out higher than your neighbours!
The most important concept

Understand the 50 - 50 Rule

Master the art of property investment with our 50 - 50 rule
Which focuses on buying the right property at the right price and knowing how to maximize its potential.

Lets continue and dive into how to buy the right property at the right price

The first 50%
7 Criteria For Property Investment

This is how to know wether the property that you want to buy is good or bad
Make sure the property that you want to buy have
minimum 5 out of 7 criteria above

Now that you understand the criteria, we will share you what to do with the last 50%

The last 50% Use 3M to make sure your property always have tenant

Always have multiple plans for your property so you dont have to
worry about negative cashflow.


Multiple Rental Options:
Make sure your property is at strateic location that will allow you to have multiple rental options like whole unit rental, room rental, short to long term rental.


Multiple Rental Segment :
Make sure your property can rent out to multiple segment such as family, newly married couple, profesional worker, students and much more.


Multiple Operatiors :
Make sure that your property development have multiple operators from rental management to renovators to reduce headache in managing your property.

Make sure the property that you buy meet this 3M

This will enable you to have multiple plans and alleviating concerns about making sure your property will always generate positive cashflow

How to make sure your property will always get tenanted? : Click here

That's it!

We have shared with you a guideline on how to spot undervalued
property deals and how can you buy 30-50% cheaper than the market

Here are the Summary:

How do we buy below market value deals at discounted prices!

Understand the 50 - 50 Rule

Understand the criterias that allows you to find good properties at the right prices! 

Ensuring your properties always have tenants!

So, Whats Next? If you ready to take action? We have bonus for you!
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