How To Build Your First 1 Million With Property Investment

From 3 properties to now over 20 – Faizul Ridzuan had to start somewhere. This ebook reveals the prologue of his property saga and an evergreen blueprint that you can use even with an RM2.5K salary.





How To Build Your First 1 Million With Property Investment

Embark on your property portfolio journey with insights from FAR Capital’s CEO, Faizul Ridzuan. Discover how he turned three properties into millions. Learn the winning strategy and stay in the game. Uncover success with properties – start reading now.

Chapter 1
How to Start Your Property Investment Journey in Malaysia?
Most people say that to start a property investment, you must be rich first to pay for downpayments and all other costs. But is it, though?This case study shows otherwise - that with the right strategy, you don’t need to fork out your lifetime savings to start your own investment.
Chapter 2
Should You Own 3 or More Investment Property to be Successful?
For beginners, you may find how Faizul bought his first three properties insightfully - and you can even use the same strategy to make your profit from the property.While buying more than 2 properties sounds tempting with these strategies, there will be some setbacks when you become LTV70.
Chapter 3
Best Time to Buy An Investment Property?
When is the best time to buy a property? Next year? This year? There’s no such thing as the best time. There’s only the best price, and you can’t win the best price without research.While getting the best price and a good location are some crucial factors, there are also other criteria you need to consider.

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